Bus services from Johor to Port Dickson

Johor is a very popular tourist landing place. It is well known for its plantations. It attracts offbeat tourists who want to explore Malaysia. It is an inexpensive shopping hub for visitors and locals.
Port Dickson, towards close proximity to Singapore, is a very captivating stopping place for Singaporeans who enjoy the white pristine beaches here. It’s informally addressed as PD, a gateway to move into a trans mode in the serenity of nature.

Kuala Lumpur, is the capital of Malaysia and also known for its shopping malls. Hence, famous as shoppers paradise.
Johor Bahru has its bus station named as Larkin bus terminal and you can find many buses operating from this point to reach various destinations. You can take a seat in a bus from Johor To Port Dickson as there is a non-existence of buses plying between Johor Bahru to Port Dickson, directly.
To get around Port Dickson, many luxury coaches are available from Kuala Lumpur (TBS) to PD.
KPB Ekspress, is one of the popular bus coaches having well-trained work force who ensures the safest and fastest journeys in a long run. KPB Ekspress, originates from TBS at five different timings. Its first trip is during the mid-day at 15.00, 15.15 and 16.00 while at 22.30 and 22.50 at night. It costs about MYR10 for an adult and a child each. It is unavailable for a return journey.

sanwa express
Sanwa Express, is yet another reputed service that carries its passengers from TBS to PD once on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 16.00, 22.00 respectively. It runs twice on Sunday i.e. at 10.00 in the morning and at 20.30 in evening. The fares for an adult and child are MYR5.60 each. It then gets ready for a return trip to TBS at three different timings i.e. in the morning at 11.30 and in evening at 16.30 and 23.30.
For the return trip to TBS, another comfy coach is accessible. KPB Seremban Enterprise which takes its travelers at three different timings i.e. in the morning at 10.00 while in evening at 20.45 and 22.45. It charges MYR6 for an adult and a child each.
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