First Preference to Train Services in Malaysia

The invention of railways has really proved to be a boon to the lives of people.  When it comes to Malaysia, it is better to go for train services rather than airlines and other modes of transport. There are many people who are not tourists and need to reach urban and rural areas in time which is possible only due to train services in Malaysia.

Rail Connections in Malaysia

Still a question remains unanswered which is all about why take Malaysia train. It is my pleasure to inform that the preventrail transport in Malaysia has been noticed to comprise of heavy rail which includes commuter rail. It also comprises of following rail connections:

train666Why Take Malaysia Train for Traversing

According to my observation, heavy rail is mainly used especially by intercity passengers along with urban public transport. On the other hand, light rapid transit on which I was too involved are mainly used for intra city urban public transport along with special uses such as enabling easy transportation of passengers between buildings of airport.

Public Transport via Malaysian Train

My guide also gave me an exposure to the persisting commuter rail services which link Kuala Lumpur with the International Airport. Also it was my pleasure to come to learn that the sole monorail line in the country is utilized for public transport in Kuala Lumpur and the only funicular railway line in Penang.

After in depth research, I learnt that the wide and most popularly known railway network generally covers almost 10 states of Peninsular Malaysia. In East Malaysia, The only rail network in Sabah is connected to Thai, where my grandparents reside. The rebuilding of the Burma railway can assist a lot in initiating services to countries like India, China and Myanmar. Also, rail services in Malaysia are highly economical in comparison to other modes of transport.

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