Having fun in Indonesia Batam Island

When in search of a place for the quickest trips, Singapore is the right place to be. In fact taking a look at the recent tourism industry, Singapore has become one of the most popular choices for people when it comes to deciding for short trips across a place.

Singapore is said to be one of the best connected place of all times. Travelling across the country is a matter of great ease. There are in fact a number of ways in which you can travel across the country. Thinking of a quick holiday trip, a trip from Singapore to batam can be considered to be a great option. The best thing that makes people select this place as one of the most common places in Singapore is that Batam is just a ferry ride away from Singapore.

Batam has gained a lot of popularity for the massages, watersports and the golf courses that it has to offer to the common masses on their visit there. If you are into a bit of research, you will come across a number of agencies, Tour and Travels Company that are offering some of the most reasonable packages when it comes to a trip to Batam.

Beside all those famous, Singaporean like to take ferry to Desaru as well to enjoy the Durian festival in Tanjung Belungkor, Johor Bahru! This place is full of durian and packed with durian enthusiast. Check out the video on desaru fruit farm below:

Package in Batam Holidays

The packages are quite reasonable and they include almost everything like lunch, wakeboard instructions and land transfers. You can also expect to find an incorporation of a visit to the ski park for the purpose of getting yourself and your family entertained.

What to expect when there?


In case you are thinking of visiting Batam directly, you can always approach the place through various domestic flights that are made available to the place. If not you can opt for a break at the main area in Singapore and then process on. Taxi, car and minibus are some other forms of travel that can be availed to reach the place with quite ease.

When time becomes one of your prime concerns apart from the convenience, then you cannot in any way think of a better place than Batam. Batam not just allures the tourist for its scenic beauty but also acts as a place of great relaxation for all. You can easily look for a perfect parlor, drop down there and get yourself pampered with one of the best massages you have ever experienced. This is one thing that lets tourists from all across the globe to enjoy a one day visit to the place. The place provides an amalgamation of scenic beauty and physical pleasure as well. Apart from all these facilities you get to taste and experience some of the best sea food in the area as well.

The place does in every way promise you an exquisite lunch and dinner experience throughout your stay there. Though you can always plan a trip on your own, it is advisable that you take the help of an agency that can help you out with it. By doing this you can be assured of the fact that you will be channelizing both your time and money in the right way.

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