Why we choose the KTM trains in Malaysia

Selecting the trains in Malaysia is a very wise decision to make indeed. We knew that the trains in Malaysia were controlled by their national railway company called the Keretapi Tanah Melayu or the KTM. And, their service was well spread across the nation.

So, soon as we reached Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur, we knew we were in safe hands.

The benefits of using the KTM trains:

There were many reasons why we wanted to use the KTM trains when we were in Malaysia. We felt that the KTM trains could provide all the things that we needed during our trip. Let us check out the reasons why we selected trains as an our inter-city transport during our stay in Malaysia;


sg-to-klThe KTM train lines are quite well spread, and we knew that pretty well. This is the reason why we opted for the trains, as, first of all, they connected us to all the major cities of both the coasts and they also connect to other countries as well.

KTM lines are spread as per the West Coast line and the East coast line. The western line covers all the major cities on the western coast of Malaysia, like KL and the Butterworth in Penang. The eastern line, subsequently, covers the eastern parts of the nation from Pahang to Kelantan. And one of them connecting two countries like Singapore to KL train. This line also covers the inside parts of the nation.

Cheap, very cheap:

Another great reason why we opted for KTM service was the fact that the tickets prices were always regarded as cheap against to other conveyances. Even the locals believed that. The fares were quite reasonable compared to other modes.

The fast way to move:

Some trains, like the ETS service, is regarded as quite a fast way of moving from one place to another in Malaysia. Of course, they are not available at all parts of the nation, but many opt for the existing ones quite widely.

Comfort and safety:


Another reason why we selected the KTM service was because of the fact that they provided a very safe and a reliable way of travelling. Every year, only a handful of small incidents and accidents occur with the service. And, if you compare that record to other railway networks, you will always select the KTM. Our decision to opt for KTM mostly relied on the previous data and record.

Apart from this, we also knew that the KTM service was quite comfortable. And, when we took the ride, we understood why!

Ticking service:

Most railway networks fail thanks to their bad customer service. However, the KTM service opted notch in that respect. When we decided to opt for ktm Malaysia tickets, we just went on to the internet and selected our train and our tickets, in less than 5 minutes.

It was so easy and simple, as there were so many websites selling the tickets online. Even you can select a website and get your preferred trains and confirmed tickets so that you can enjoy your journey in the best possible way.

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